MDS Vitraux d'art en Haute Savoie 74

Mirrors - glazier - sanding - aluminum joinery

MDS Vitrerie Haute-Savoie 74 MDS Vitrerie 74 MDS Miroiterie et Vitrerie 74 MDS Miroiterie Haute-Savoie 74 MDS Miroiterie 74 MDS Vitrerie Haute-Savoie 74 MDS verres de couleur Haute-Savoie 74

Stained glass

MDS  Vitraux d'art 74 MDS  Vitraux d'art 74 MDS  Vitraux d'art 74 MDS  Vitraux d'art 74 MDS  Vitraux d'art 74 MDS  Vitraux d'art 74 MDS  Vitraux d'art 74

In 1984, the principal activity of the Miroiterie des Savoies wasglaziery and mirror manufacture.

It's into 1988 thatChristine CHARBONNEL begins in the company in an activity which was completely unknown for her: Stained Glass Art.

She managed to only learnthe trade which she exerts while being documented and while following training courses.

This same year, the firm is selected to restorethe church of St Sixt, thenthe church of St Jeoire.

The activity takes a great expansion, the restorations ofChurches,Vaults andCastles follow one another in the close relations departments. It counts about fiftyreligious buildings to date.

It's also for the private individuals as Christine CHARBONNEL createsstained glasses of decoration.

The idea comes to her one day, by personal challenge, to arise at the contest ofthe Best Fremch Craftsman and in 2004, she is the only one to obtain this title in its speciality:Stained Glass Art , in the category "tracer, cutter and setter".

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Christine Charbonnel, Meilleur ouvrier de France 2004
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